Watch for GW2

Watch for GW2 is a fan created Apple® Watch app for Guild Wars 2® World vs World (WvW).

Get your Guild Wars 2 skirmish stats on the go! Track the score, objectives captured, kills per death for each borderland at-a-glance.

Skirmish Scores

Choose your Guild Wars 2 WvW server, then view the current WvW skirmish scores updating near real-time on your Apple Watch.

Kills/Deaths Ratio

Monitor the kills per death ratio for the current skirmish with a breakdown by borderland.

Skirmish Chart

Get a visual breakdown of the current skirmish score. It's like being in-game!


Captured objectives show the total number of each team's camps, towers, keeps and SMC.

Watch Requirements

Minimum Specs

Hardware:  Apple Watch 4 or newer
Watch OS:  6.0 or later
Connectivity:  Internet access via cellular or wireless
Feature Details

WvW Stats

Scores:  Curent Skirmish
Chart:  Current Skirmish
Objectives:  Totals by borderland and type
Kill/Death Ratio:  Current Skirmish total and by Borderland
Refresh Rate:  At glance or every 30 seconds
Watch for GW2 uses Guild Wars 2 official third party interfaces. Some scores may be delayed depending on the frequence rate of ArenaNet's servers. During Weekly WvW reset scores are typically unavailable for the first hour.